Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Posted by Alix Francis on 3rd Nov 2017

Bonfire Night Safety Tips

The time of year has soon snuck up on us where people will be lighting the skies with fireworks and glowing bonfires, it’s important to remember to stay safe this bonfire night whether you are at home or a fireworks display, keep safety in the back of your mind so you can enjoy the celebrations safely.

We’ve put together the following tips on staying safe this bonfire night;


Keep everyone at a safe distance from the fire

Bonfires should be at least 15 metres away from houses, trees, fences, sheds, overhead cables, etc. on open ground

Before you light your bonfire, please make a thorough check to see that there aren’t any animals or wildlife nesting in your bonfire.

Always have water available in case you need to control the bonfire, if it becomes uncontrollable, call 999 immediately.

It is advisable that whoever is supervising the fire should not drink alcohol

Bonfire Guidelines

Burn dry materials only

Do not burn any household rubbish, tyres, plastic, foam or paint

Do not use highly flammable liquids to light your bonfire

Do not put aerosols or pressurised containers onto the bonfire


Please keep everyone at safe distance whilst celebrating with fireworks

Do not leave fireworks unattended

Never go back to a firework once it has been lit

Always wear gloves when using sparklers

Please keep pets inside during bonfire and firework celebrations