We have tried to answer as many frequently asked questions as possible below...

Can we make greenhouses, carports and sunrooms to customer’s specifications?

How long does it take for goods to be delivered?

How long does it take to put a product together?

What are the office opening hours?

Can I get spare parts for my Norfolk Greenhouses product if it gets damaged?

Are instructions available to download from our website?

What is the carport and sunroom roofing made of?

What is the thickness of the framework on the sunroom and carports, or the greenhouses and garden Rooms?

Is there a base supplied with a Norfolk Greenhouse.

Do I need to anchor my greenhouse down or fix to the Ground?

Why should I buy a plastic greenhouse over a glass greenhouse?

None of the above.


Can we make Greenhouses, Carports and Sunrooms to Customer’s Specifications?

We do not sell bespoke products but we can offer advice as to how the products can be used best for your individual situation.

All of our component parts are available to buy via our spare parts page, if you have a large amount of parts required for a project then email or phone us for a price. 

These parts can be used for extending or modifying Norfolk products and is likely feasible to do so, but we can't currently support such ventures, and is likely to affect your product guarantee.

How Long does it take for Goods to be Delivered?

Whilst our delivery partner normally delivers within 3 days, for deliveries in Zones A&B please allow 3-5 days (see our delivery page of our website to see which area your postcode falls into)

How Long does it take to put a Product Together?

This would vary depending on the size of the product purchased and DIY skills. We recommend 2 persons for our larger products and to save time by sorting out the parts before you start. 

On many products we deliberately "over engineer" them so they are robust to withstand the UK elements, unlike lighter or cheaper products.

What are the Office Opening Hours?

Monday: 09:00-17:00

Tuesday: 09:00-17:00

Wednesday: 09:00-17:00

Thursday: 09:00-17:00

Friday: 09:00-14:30

Weekends: CLOSED

Can I get Spare Parts for my Norfolk Greenhouses Product if it gets Damaged?

Yes! We stock parts for all of our products when accidents may happen.

Please refer to our spare parts page here: you can download the instruction manual for your product if necessary and obtain the part number you need. The spare parts are available to buy at the bottom of the page.

If you’re not sure what you need after looking please contact us.

Are Instructions Available to Download from our Website?

Instructions for our products are available here: The instructions are continuously being improved and developed to make them as clear as possible. 

If you cannot find or are not sure what you are looking for please call us!

What is the Carport and Sunroom Roofing made of?

The roof on the Sunroom is translucent polycarbonate twinwall. The carport roof is corrugated PVC.

What is the Thickness of the Framework on the Sunroom and Carports, or the Greenhouses and Garden Rooms?

This is variable depending on which part of the product. The SAN glazing is approx 1.5mm thick and Twinwall is approx. 4mm thick with a 0.5mm guage. The greenhouse and garden room steel framework is approx. 1.5-2mm. The sturdy box section framework for the carport and porch is approx. 100mm/sq.

Is there a Base Supplied with a Norfolk Greenhouse.

We do not have a pre-made base available to buy, however we recommend a concrete base, paving slabs, or timber sleepers. A flat and level site is the minimum requirement for our greenhouses.

 Do I need to Anchor my Greenhouse Down or Fix to the Ground?

We would always advise to anchor your greenhouse, especially in exposed areas. This can be done by fixing to the base, weighing it down along the bottom edges, or pinning it to the floor with tent pegs or similar.

For our smaller greenhouses such as the Spacesaver or Plant House we recommend fixing it to a fence or wall.

On windy and/or stormy days please make sure to keep the door closed to help reduce the risk of damage.

Why should I buy a Plastic Greenhouse over a Glass Greenhouse?

There are many benefits to purchasing a plastic greenhouse! Firstly they are more affordable than their glass counterparts, but they are also much safer. With no risk of breaking glass you can rest assured that there won’t be any injuries or broken glass in your vegetables and plants.

Plastic glazing has been proven to provide good levels of insulation and UV protection by the University of Reading. No greenhouse is completely draught-free, however we also sell trans-film which can be used to seal any gaps between glazing and framework.

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