Winter Gardening Checklist

Winter Gardening Checklist

Posted by Alix Francis on 4th Jan 2019

Not much happens in the garden during January, there are a few seeds which can be sown and grown but it’s definitely one of the quieter months of the year.

Starting on key winter gardening jobs will help you have a head start for when the new growing season comes in.

Cleaning Garden Pots

Check for damaged and cracks in your garden pots and discard of any which can’t be used in future. Once you’ve got rid of the ones which can’t be reused, brush off the dirt collected from last season and store them away.

Mulch Bushes, Shrubs & Spring Bulbs

Spreading a layer of mulch around the garden will not only help protect the soil, it will also keep the soil insulated during harsher winter conditions.

You will also benefit from your soil being in better condition come the spring time too.

Remove Snails from Around the Garden

It’s not the most pleasant of jobs but if you can bear picking off snails from around the garden it will stop them from chewing through your plants.

Or you could make a little feeding station to attract the snails by adding citrus peels for them to eat. This should keep them away from your plants… hopefully!

If you manage to collect quite a few snails, you could paint their shells different colours, set up a race course around the garden and begin an underground betting ring. Just an idea.

Clean the Greenhouse

If it’s your first time or you’re not sure How to Clean a Greenhouse we put together a step by step guide you can follow here.

Getting rid of the dirt built up over the seasons will discourage pests and diseases to spread and will also feel better to work in once you’re back in there.

Get Pruning

Whilst the branches are still bare, now is the perfect opportunity to cut back overgrown trees, plants and fruits.

Pruning will leave your plants with extra root and energy reserves for them to heal quickly and support spring growth.

Start Warming the Soil

Covering your soil with either a cloche or plastic sheets allows you to start sowing and planting early.

It’s also good to allow the soils moisture to be replenished by the rain too, so if you know rain is on the cards, uncover the soil to allow it to be watered.

Tidy Up Your Tools

A great excuse to escape to the garage or shed is having a good tidy up of your tools. Rearrange to make more space or have a general tidy up of ones which never got put away or reorganised.

Top Up Bird Baths & Feeders

Check if you have any left overs from your meals that the birds might enjoy too.Keep bird baths ice free on days when they have frozen and top up your feeders to keep them fed, healthy and coming back for more.

Keeping them clean also prevents diseases from spreading and gives them a nicer environment to wash and fed in.