uPVC Sunrooms: Why You Should Add One to Your Home

uPVC Sunrooms: Why You Should Add One to Your Home

Posted by Alix on 25th Sep 2018

If you’ve been thinking about adding a Sunroom to your home but are unsure about the costs involved and whether a sunroom is right for you, we’ve put together 5 benefits of adding a sunroom to your property.


Depending on what you want from your uPVC Sunroom, choosing this option over a conservatory, is more affordable and less time consuming.

uPVC is a popular building material as it is sturdy and requires little to no maintenance, apart from cleaning around the frames, uPVC looks after itself.

Using uPVC is a lot more affordable than traditional materials used for Sunrooms and conservatories, not only that, it offers many benefits other materials can’t offer.

Added Living Space

You can use the extra space form a Sunroom for almost anything, whether you want a workout area, children’s playroom, somewhere to put your feet up and escape or extra space for your pets, sunrooms are an affordable option for adding more living space to your home.

Whatever you decide to use your Sunroom for, it will be added space for you and your family to enjoy.

Easy Construction Process

Whether you are keen and confident with DIY projects or you have a professional builder to hand, the construction process for building a uPVC Sunroom is much easier than a conservatory or glass structure.

If you aren’t confident with DIY, it is advisable for you to look into choosing a quality and dependable builder. Although it’s an added cost to pay someone to construct your Sunroom, you can have peace of mind that it is built by a professional.

Strong and Long Lasting

uPVC is becoming a more popular building material for Sunrooms. It’s renowned for its durability and insulation properties.

uPVC is also weather proof and requires very little maintenance, it’s not affected by changes in climate and offers great sound insulation.

Perfect for Plants

If you’re a plant enthusiast, you can use your Sunroom to accommodate your plants and let them soak up the sun. Sunrooms allows great amounts of natural Sunlight in and offer protection from the harsh frosts in winter time.

Although Sunrooms aren’t the same as a greenhouse, they’re quite often used as the next best thing. The uPVC Panels and Translucent Twinwall Roof from trap the heat and create a warm, balmy atmosphere your plants will thrive in.

Norfolk Greenhouses Sunroom

If you’re looking to invest in added living space but don’t want the costs that come with building a conservatory or traditional Sunroom, why not look into Norfolk Greenhouses uPVC Sunroom?

Made entirely from uPVC materials, it requires very little maintenance when constructed and is extremely sturdy.

It’s the perfect choice for property owners on a tight budget who are looking to add extra living space to their property.

Our Sunroom includes guttering and a down pipe that can be aimed at a drain or into a water butt.

For more information or to look at buying options, click here