Gardening for me is a family affair

Posted by Purple Sweetpea, Claire Keen on 28th Feb 2017

Gardening for me is a family affair, for generations my family have made outdoor spaces beautiful and productive. I have treasured memories of playing in my grandad’s garden as a child, surrounded by fragrant scented sweet peas and my great grandad even won many awards for his roses. Most weekends I can be found at the allotment with my gorgeous family. I have two sons who have enjoyed the allotment since they were babies. The eldest Joseph is 5 and my youngest Samuel has recently turned 4. My dad (grandad) frequently joins us, and on occasion grandma and my husband too. I fee
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1-2-3 Guide to Planting Early Spuds

Posted by Danny on 21st Feb 2017

You can get started plating your early potatoes right about now. Planting this early is not without its risks, with all the unpredictable mild spells some early foliage might be left susceptible to late frosts. Follow these 3 simple steps to give your spuds a little insulation and plenty of room to grow: Step 1 - Dig out some shallow trenches.You need trenches that are around the depth and width of an ordinary spade. Dish the dirt equally either side of the trench to build up little banks. Use your fork over the bottom of the trenches but try not to bring subsoil to the top. Then spre
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8 Quick Tips for Greenhouse Care in Winter

Posted by Danny on 13th Nov 2016

Gardening under cover is one of our favourite topics... you might have guessed that. We've prepared our 8 top tips that you can use one sunny winter afternoon (we've got our fingers crossed too!) to get your greenhouse prepped and ready for winter.Colder temperatures, frosts, and moisture can all have a damaging effect on less hardy varieties. That's why we have put together this quick checklist of essential tasks for getting the most from your greenhouse through winter. Maximize light by cleaning panels. Use soap, water and a squeegee to clean your greenhouse's clear panels. Marks and dirt o
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Things to do in the garden in October!

Posted by Dennis the Gardener on 20th Oct 2016

Inside knowledge, how to gain an edge, we all are looking for ways to get more from less.Gardening and horticulture are certainly no exception, we all want to know how to get sweeter toms or larger marrows, or what the secret is to growing all year long!With this in mind we’re pleased to introduce you to Dennis! He is our local garden professional and allotment guru.We’re lucky enough to have him to pass on his wealth of expertise and will be giving us hints and tips for the garden and allotment.  Each month we’ll be adding information to our blog curated by Dennis to help you get
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Free postage and faster delivery!

Posted by Norfolk Gardener on 20th Oct 2016

At Norfolk Greenhouses we are always looking for ways to make our customer experience better and how we can get your products to you faster, and safer!We're pleased to have contracted a new carrier which means we can now offer FREE postage on all your purchases!That's right, all products purchased from our site for delivery to mainland UK now have postage included in the price.  This will make it easier to calculate your shipping costs because, there are none!Not only this, but our delivery times have reduced massively to 3-5 working days!We are really excited about this as it means that
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