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Greenhouse, Garden & Allotment Blog

What to Sow and Grow in May

Posted by Alix Francis on 1st May 2018

It’s quite frightening to think that summer is fast approaching. It feels as though we haven’t seen much of spring yet.Now the weather is, dare I say it becoming more stable, you can start planting and sowing out bedding, of course this all depends on what the weather is like in your region. Watch out for those late frosts and keep the lawn tidy as the warmer weather creeps up. Allotment & Vegetable Garden Earth up potatoes once growth has reached around 25cm and continue to grow seed potatoes.Regularly water young plants to keep them growing strongly.Once the frosts have passed, star
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Easy Crops to Grow with Kids

Posted by Claire - Purple Sweet Pea on 25th Apr 2018

I’ve always thought of my garden as a family pastime and I love getting my sons involved in the yearly process of planning and creating our allotment and garden. My sons are gaining the knowledge of where our food comes from and how things grow which I think is a precious life skill I’m teaching my children. I also get a certain sense of wellbeing when I can feed them meals when I know exactly where the ingredients have come from that I’m putting on their plates.This month I’ve worked with my sons to come up with 6 of their favourite things to grow in the garden, that are fun and relat
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Cold Weather Gardening Advice

Posted by Claire Keen - Purple Sweet Pea on 21st Mar 2018

I would have loved to have written about all my lovely seedlings and potting them on this month but the weather across the UK has really delayed gardeners including myself this year. Working weekdays, I primarily use my weekends to enjoy my garden, but this year we have seen some really wet, snowy and cold winter conditions for a long period which are not the best for sowing seeds and growing strong plants.Wet and cold conditions can be disastrous for some plants especially tender flowers and vegetables. Many plants need warm moist conditions to germinate. Cold weather affects plants in
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What to Sow and Grow in March

Posted by Alix Francis on 16th Mar 2018

March is an exciting month, the days are getting longer, lighter and warmer (depending on what the weather brings).There are a lot of vegetables, fruits and flowers which can be sown in this month, some will be directly into the ground and some will be in the greenhouse.It’s best not to try and sow If the weather has covered the ground in snow or frost, wait until it has cleared so the ground is fresh and more suitable for your crops.Make sure the ground is well prepared and in good condition before you being sowing.What vegetables to sow outsideAsparagusThis can be grown from seed or fr
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Garden and Greenhouse Jobs to do in March

Posted by Claire - PurpleSweetPea on 7th Mar 2018

Catch up with Claire;I could jump for joy, it’s finally my favourite month of the year; March, and time to start sowing all the lovely seeds that I’ve been busily sorting out over the winter months. When I say sorting, I really mean rearranging. You see my seeds have been ready since November, but I just love spending time handling the small packets looking at the sowing dates, growing advice and visualising how lovely all the plants that grow from the seeds will look like once they are fully grown and in place in my garden and allotment.I’m sure most gardeners and allotmenteers will readily
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