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What to sow & grow in January

Posted by Alix Francis on 10th Jan 2018

The new year brings plenty of opportunities to plan the year ahead and get together ideas of what you want to grow and sow this time round, unfortunately, it’s still too cold to sow many veggies outside but all hope is not gone.

Once your Garden and Greenhouse jobs to do in January are completed it’s time to get back out there to get in a harvest for spring time.

As you may know, this time of year can be quite difficult to start propagating seedlings as the temperatures are a lot cooler and light levels are low.

Most seeds will need to be sown undercover or a heated propagator to help get them started so dedicating your time and patience to help them on their way is essential for their success.

We’ve put together a list of seeds you can start sowing in January;

Greenhouse & indoor growing

Heated Propagator

Onion Seed
Rhubarb (from seed)

Window Sill

Salad Leaves

Cold Frame / Under Cloches

Broad Beans
Salad Onions
Strawberry Plants


Broad Beans
Salad Onions
Hardy Salads


Be sure to protect overwintering vegetables either in the greenhouse or under a cold frame, allow plenty of fresh air to get in on sunnier days as temperatures can soar when the sun is out.

If you’re due a frost, pack straw around your celery to protect it from the cold weather but remember to remove the straw on warmer days to let the plants breathe.

Layers of newspaper can be used to protect plants in your cold greenhouse, again, you will want to remove these layers when the sun is out.

Push the soil up around the first set of leaves on your cabbages and cauliflowers to help protect them.

If you have stored fruit and veg, make sure you regularly check them and remove any that appear diseased or soft.

Start ordering your seed trays ready for spring.

Remove any condensation that builds up in your propagators at least once or twice a day.

Check seedlings daily to prevent any problems occurring.

Use new compost such as peat-free seed compost and make sure it’s moist and can drain well.

Prepare and cultivate seed beds by covering them with clear polythene, cloches or fleece to warm up the soil before sowing.

Heavy soils should be left exposed if the weather is dry and frosty, this will help to kill off pests and will help improve the soil before you sow.

Organic matter can be used to help improve drainage on heavy soils.

Prevent disease build up by rotating your vegetable plots year on year.

If you have been making wood fires, use the ashes to sprinkle around fruit trees and roses, this will help encourage flowering in the spring time.

Prune your fruit trees and bushes and make sure you completely remove any dead and diseased branches.

Extend your growing area

If you’re eager to get back out there but haven’t invested in a greenhouse or cold frame, now’s the time to get started.

Ultimate Greenhouses

The Ultimate Greenhouse provides ample growing room. Perfect for propagation and growing your own fruit and vegetables right in the back garden.

It provides space for our staging unit so that you can truly maximise your growing potential. The Ultimate Greenhouse's anti-shatter clear-as-glass PVC wall panels provide safety in busy gardens, so you can be sure that the children, grandchildren and pets are safe playing in the garden at home.

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Cold Frames

Norfolk Greenhouses Cold frames are ideal for protecting your early vegetables or young plants and are constructed from galvanised steel framework and clad with twin wall sides.

We use safety materials such as our "clear as glass" top panels, and for this choice alone it is perfect for the safety conscious and practical gardener.

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Norfolk Greenhouses range of Cloches are ideal for protecting your early vegetables and young plants.

Constructed from galvanised steel framework and clad with "clear as glass" safety panels.

At each end there is a shaped twin wall panel which is positioned in place using wooden pegs (supplied).

Our cloches enable quick easy access and ventilation.

Supplied flat pack for DIY assembly.

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Seed & Gravel Trays

Our Seed and Gravel trays are Heavy Duty, injection moulded, black polypropylene material.

These standard size trays are ideal for use on all of our Staging products.

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