Things to do in the garden in October!

Things to do in the garden in October!

Posted by Dennis the Gardener on 20th Oct 2016

Inside knowledge, how to gain an edge, we all are looking for ways to get more from less.

Gardening and horticulture are certainly no exception, we all want to know how to get sweeter toms or larger marrows, or what the secret is to growing all year long!

With this in mind we’re pleased to introduce you to Dennis! He is our local garden professional and allotment guru.

We’re lucky enough to have him to pass on his wealth of expertise and will be giving us hints and tips for the garden and allotment.  Each month we’ll be adding information to our blog curated by Dennis to help you get the most out of your growing seasons and available resources, whether it be in your Greenhouse, Cold Frame, or Cloche!

Please get in touch with on via Twitter if you have anything you would like more detailed information on, or if there’s anything you would like to see in our hints and tips in the future!

Things to do in the garden in October


- Daffodils, Tulips and Allium bulbs

- Bare root trees and shrubs

- Perennials and biennials

- Plant Spring bedding such as wallflowers, mixed-bellis

It’s a good time to move plants and shrubs around garden, also to plant clematis.

Try to keep on top of falling leaves so they don't build up too much and clog drains and gutters.  Some Chicken wire can help to deflect leaves from these sensitive areas.  Be careful as wet leaves can be slippery!

Things to do on the allotment in October

- Time to harvest your pumpkins and squashes.

- Get any outdoor tomatoes in before frost.

- Harvest peas, runner beans, main crop of potatoes, early leek, carrots, lettuce.

- Lift any Florence fennel to save bulbs from frost.

- Speak to your allotment neighbours and find out what they're growing!  It's always nice to trade excess produce and it's a shame if you grow the same!


- Winter hardy peas, 2 / 3 small rows will keep you going.

- Spring cabbage.  Dig out any romains, sweet corn, also good time to add horse muck to your allotment to help it overwinter, it provides nutrients and also insulation!

- Time to prepare for onions, garlic, shallots.

Then put your feet up, grab a hot cup of tea, and look forward to the fruits (and veg) of your labour!