The Original Safety Greenhouses

The Original Safety Greenhouses

Posted by Norfolk Greenhouses on 21st Oct 2014

Owning a plastic greenhouse is a popular alternative to glass greenhouses for several key reasons, safety, convenience and cost. Plastic greenhouses have improved in quality as different materials have become available, the industry continuously tries to improve the benefits of plastic at an affordable price to the consumer.  

At Norfolk Greenhouses we pay attention to light transmission, heat retention, durability and the overall aesthetics to create the best products for purpose, at the best price.

In the cold seasons greenhouses are used to protect outdoor plants from the weather and elements, and to start seeds off for planting in the spring.  All of our greenhouses use plastic as an inexpensive method of plant protection, as the material absorbs and keeps heat in. Plastic is very durable and can stand up to all types of weather conditions, and a plastic greenhouse will generally be warmer in winter and cooler during the summer. Our Ultimate model range are clad in ‘glass clear’ panels of semi-rigid sheet cut to size with a 5 year guarantee against deterioration, like flexible PVC as found on our Standard model greenhouses has the same heat retention ultra violet stabilisation and safety properties, but looks even more like real glass.

Plastic is easier to seal than glass and much less likely to be damaged. It’s more children friendly, especially when ball games or sports are being played nearby, saving you the expense of replacing broken panes of glass, and helping avoid unnecessary accidents. It is also easy to construct a sturdy framework with plastic sheeting and as our products are all DIY plastic greenhouses, you know things can be fixed easily should the worst happen.

Norfolk Greenhouses are also ideal for those who take pride in their allotments.  Less likely to be vandalised, or damaged by accidents whilst moving plants and equipment.  They are also light and strong, so minor adjustments to positioning could be made depending on the time of year, however we wouldn’t recommend doing this on your own!  Our greenhouses are durable and well built, and will last much longer than the cheap plastic tubular “pop-up” tent style products available on the market, they also look a lot better.  Spare parts can also be easily replaced, you have peace of mind that if you are missing a piece, something gets broken, or lost, then we can help you to source the part you need.

We have pioneered, built, manufactured and designed our safety greenhouses for over 30 years, with the view of creating great value, good quality products.  Should you just want to propagate some seeds, or space and cost are at a premium, then have a look at our Spacesaver Greenhouse, or if you are interested in some serious growing then look at our range of Ultimate Greenhouses.  We offer a great range of gardening products and accessories to satisfy any level of gardener in you!