Spare parts available online!

Spare parts available online!

Posted by Norfolk Gardener on 5th May 2015

Although we are sure that you will love your Norfolk Greenhouses product, we understand that sometimes accidents happen, as does wear and tear.  We are pleased to be able to provide a range of replacement parts for all of our major greenhouse and garden building products. Including a variety of the SAN clear glazing panels and TW Twinwall roofing and insulating panels.

Our parts are referenced using a code such as XL(insert a number) or SAN(insert a number) that denotes the uniquely sized item. You can find a reference to these parts and where they fit into your product in the instruction manual. If you have thrown your instructions away, please email us at and we will be happy to email or send a fresh set out.

We cannot guarantee that we hold stocks of replacement parts for legacy products, if you are unsure if your product is a legacy product please contact us.  We are able to supply custom made spare parts for legacy products but these are quoted for on an individual basis. To enquire please email us at