Preparing your garden for winter

Preparing your garden for winter

Posted by Alix Francis on 18th Dec 2017

As the cold weather creeps in and frosts begin to set across our gardens, plots and allotments it's important to make sure you're ready for winter. Now is the perfect opportunity to get things in your garden tidied up and ready for the new growing seasons ahead. Looking after your garden during the winter months will help it look it's best come the spring time.

Clean and repair garden structures & greenhouses

Start off by repairing and carrying out any maintenance that is needed to your garden structure or greenhouse before you clean.

Once you have repaired and tidied your garden structure or greenhouse you can safely remove the items you have in them and begin a deep clean.

Use soapy water, disinfectant or your preferred choice of cleaning products to wash the structure thoroughly.

If this is your first time cleaning your garden structure or greenhouse, we put together a guide on how to clean your greenhouse you can view here.

Make leaf mold from debris

Leaf mold adds structure and organic matter to your soil. You can create a wonderful leaf compost by using the leaves and debris you collect from cleaning your garden. Shred leaves to speed up the process especially with evergreens as these take a long time to decompose. Once your leaves are a crumbly texture use them as a mulch to spread across your borders.

Tidy up the Borders

Tidy up your borders by removing any dead foliage, leaves and weeds, cut back herbaceous perennials in your borders close to the ground and remove annuals that have finished their show.

Set up your soil for spring by spreading compost and well-rotted materials over your soil.

Prune Shrubs and Trees

After you have cleared away the weeds and tidied the borders it's time to get out the shears and prune away the wayward branches and trim back your hedges before the frosts begin hit.

Clean Paving & Paths

Tidy away any fallen leaves and debris that may have fallen onto your garden paths, if you can, use this opportunity to give them a good scrub with a hard brush and some soapy water.

Protect your Plants

If you have tender species such as Cannas, Agapanthus or palms, move them into a conservatory or greenhouse for protection over the winter. Spread a thick layer of mulch around the base of any delicate trees such as palm trees or Japanese maples to help protect them from the frosts.

Plant New Bulbs

You can start getting the garden ready for spring by planting your spring bulbs now. Digging in sand and bone meal will give the bulbs they nutrients they need over the winter months. Be sure to plant the bulbs two or three times the depth of the bulb itself and space them out two to three times the width of the bulb.

Clear the Lawn

Clear away any leaves and debris that’s fallen across the lawn to keep it nice and tidy. If you notice any moss growing across your garden use a lawn spike or a standard garden fork and pierce across the affected area to help with drainage issues.

Add a sandy top layer on top of your lawn that can be brushed in afterwards along with a dose of lawn feed to prepare your lawn for the winter months.

Once you have cleared away the debris, made new composts, washed down your garden structures and paths, your garden should be all set for the winter months ready for the new growing season to begin.