Growing tomatoes with Sue!

Growing tomatoes with Sue!

Posted by Dennis the Gardener on 9th Feb 2016

If you're look for some growing ideas for this year, maybe something simple, or to get started growing your own for the first time, then how about some colourful, juicy tomatoes!  

Healthy, tasty, and simple to grow!  Often described as one of the healthiest foods.  We didn't say easy to master however...!

Our friend Sue has sown some recently and has shared with us how simple it is, even without purchasing packet seeds.

Find a tomato, in this example Sue chose some Tumbling Tom Cherry Tomatoes. 

1) Pick out some seeds:

2) Plant in a pot with some good quality soil.

3) Place on your window sill until ready to move to your Spacesaver or Greenhouse (when it gets a ittle warmer).

4) Make sure the soil is damp and not drenched or too dry.

5) Watch them grow a little every day!

You can also see from Sue's pictures some baby chillies growing through and also sharing the kitchen window sill, either from packet seed or cut from a chilli in the same process as the tomatoes.

Just be extra careful not to touch your face if you're working with chillies and make sure you wash your hands very well.

Simple!  In a few months you'll have some lovely juicy toms and chillies to complement your cooking!