Garden & Greenhouse Jobs to do in January

Garden & Greenhouse Jobs to do in January

Posted by Alix Francis on 3rd Jan 2018

As we put the chaos of Christmas behind us and bring in the New Year, now’s a great opportunity to get planning for the new growing seasons and get in the garden to get those early January jobs done.

Clear away fallen leaves

Keep your garden tidy by clearing away leaves which have fallen over the Christmas period.

Leaves often start collecting not only across the garden but underneath hedges and bushes too. Remember to check greenhouse guttering to see if any leaves have started to collect there and put them in a leaf bin to rot down over the coming months.

Shred your Christmas tree for compost

Did you have a real Christmas tree this year? If so, shred it down and use it to begin a compost heap or add it to your existing compost heap.

Wash down your Greenhouse, again!

If your greenhouse has got a little dirty since you last cleaned it, give it another wash to let more light in for the plants which are inside. Now would be a great time to empty and clean water butts too. We put together an easy to follow guide on how to clean a greenhouse should you need any tips or advice on what to do.

Keep tools and equipment clean

If you haven’t already, clean your trays and pots down ready for the new growing seasons ahead and make sure your tools and equipment are cleaned & serviced ready for use in the coming months.

Protect vulnerable Plants

Protect any plants that are vulnerable to the wind and cold then water bulbs and plants which are sheltered from the rain.

Sprinkle an all-purpose fertiliser along the bases of hedges and bushes and trim back any creepers or climbers that have outgrown their space. It’s best to do this before birds use them to start nesting.

Look after the birds

Look after the birds

If you have birds visit your garden often, keep their food & water clean and replenished. If you can, try to provide 

them with high-energy food to help them through the winter months.

Keep the borders clean and tidy

Remove any weeds which have started to grow around the borders, keeping your garden or growing area nice and tidy.

If any of your plants are decaying, now is the time to remove them and utilise the space for future planting.

Once you have spruced up your garden and greenhouse, its time to start preparing for the upcoming growing seasons.

Begin to think about what you would like to grow this year and start planning where and how you’re going to grow in your garden and greenhouse.

Start planning this year’s crops

Start gathering stocks of seeds, compost, vermiculite, trays and so on, the more organised you are, the easier it will be when the time comes to start sowing and growing.

Avoid diseases

Remember to keep an eye on your stored veggies and fruits to be sure that they haven’t picked up any diseases whilst in storage.

Keeping your garden and greenhouse tidy will help prevent the spread of diseases.

Learn more

If this is your first year in the garden, we have a couple of how to guides throughout our blog.

For those who are gardening in a small space, check out our blog post; small space gardening ideas or growing vegetables in a greenhouse for beginners. There is plenty on our blog to get you started and keep you going.