Garden and allotment jobs in February!

Garden and allotment jobs in February!

Posted by Dennis the Gardener on 2nd Feb 2016

Garden and allotment jobs for February

Jobs for the garden in February

Now is a great time to start your dahlia tubers, on a window sill or in the greenhouse in the light and warmth of the sun which will help them to sprout prior to planting.  They will need to be sprayed now and again to stop them drying out.

Lily bulbs can be planted out and are best placed in the greenhouse until warmer weather.

Bulbs growing in pots or rockeries may need protection, place bricks each side of your container or in the rockery and place Perspex over them to stop heavy rain or snow getting on the flowers and hopefully encouraging them to last longer.

Place half of your gladiolus corms in seed trays in a light warm spot in the greenhouse to encourage them to shoot before planting, 6 weeks later do the same which will hopefully give you some early flowers and later ones as well!

Sweet peas, seed now as is a great time to do so, this will give you some early flowers in pots.

When we get some warmer days, take this time to dead head winter pansies and other winter plants.

If you have them, once the snowdrops have finished, divide and replant in your garden which will give you a bigger display next year. Bulbs such as snowdrops and winter aconites, if you haven’t grown them before now is the time to do so!

If you really want to get to know your garden, test your soil for ph. and nutrient levels.  This will help you decide on plants that are ideal for your garden and allows you to rectify any nutrient deficiencies with a spring feed.

Towards the end of the month give your borders and shrubs a feed of bone meal, this will give your plants a good feed and a kick start for spring!

If the weather allows, edge around the lawn and you can also lay turf if you need as long as it’s not freezing and too wet.  

Be prepared for mole hills as this time of year as it’s mating season and the females are nesting.  Just take the top soil off the hills ready to reseed later on.

Jobs for the allotment in February

This is a great time to plant bare root fruit trees and bushes, as long as the ground isn’t frozen.

Sow broad beans and place them in the cold frame of greenhouse.

If you can plant some seeds indoors, then lettuce, cabbages, cauliflowers, spinach, salad onion and turnips are perfect to do so!

If you want to grow your own onions place seeds in a heated propagator to give them a head start.

Prune your trees, apple and pear trees and also your fruit bushes (whilst pruning please check for crank, if found then prune out – mainly found on apple trees).

You may now start to force your chicory to get new fresh leaves, also divide your rhubarb.  It is not only useful for propagating more plants, it’s also important for keeping the original plant healthy.

It is time to think about first early, I have in my egg boxes sitting in my conservatory.  These are Charlotte which I find are a good salad potato, nice and sweet hot or cold!

Soil preparation, prepare seed beds and cover with clear polythene sheets.  If you have heavy soil, dig and leave for the frost and rain to break it down.  This process will help to kill pests and if you wish you can add grit which will help with drainage, I would also add organic matter at the same time to save time and work.

At this time of year the allotment can get very wet, to save compacting the coil while picking veg use a plank laid across the ground which will help spread your weight and prevent you sinking and damaging your sown crop!

That’s all for now folks!See you all in a few weeks for March garden and allotment jobs!

..and remember it’s Valentines day soon.. Don’t get in trouble! ;)