Garden and allotment jobs in December!

Garden and allotment jobs in December!

Posted by Dennis the Gardener on 30th Nov 2015

Jobs for the garden in December

Lawns - Remove any leaves that are still lingering from your lawn before it stops too much light and wet getting to the grass, otherwise it may kill it or cause damage.

Carry out repairs to your lawn by filling in dead areas, and edge your lawn now to save you a job in early spring.

Also clear your footpaths of moss and algae, this will stop you slipping on a damp and wet morning and we’d suggest either jet washing or scrubbing with a good stiff bristled yard brush.

It’s time to drain any watering systems you have to stop them freezing and causing damage such as busting joints and pipes, lag your outside taps to stop them freezing.

Ponds – Rake out any leaves that have fallen in or if you have a net shake off and clean up, also watch out for Mr Heron!  He will steal all your fish so it’s best to drape a net over your pond if this is at all possible.  Make any repairs now to stop winter damage.

This is a great time to prune your fruit trees! Remember the 3 D’s and the 2 C’s when it comes to fruit trees. Remove any crossed or crowded branches, and any dead, diseased or damaged.

Please take care when cutting bigger branches that they don’t split or break as this may cause untold damage that you may not see until it’s too late.  Check stakes and ties and make repairs as required.

Shrubs – Treat each one as an individual when pruning, also tie back to help stop wind damage.  Prune Acer and Betula before the end of the year to stop bleeding.

If you are going to plant roses try and avoid planting them where you have previously grown roses.  This will eliminate rose dead and disease.

It’s also a good time to plant bear root plants such as hedges and trees.

Jobs for the allotment in December

Time to dig any remaining root crops, it’s a good time to start harvesting leeks, parsnips, winter cabbages and sprouts.

As it’s been so wet please check your root crops such as carrots and parsnips to make sure they are not sitting in water, this will depend on soil types as plot holders you will know this!If they are, dig them up, and keep cool and dry.

For those of you that have greenhouses on your plot, now is the time to clear out all your old tomato plants plus any plants which have finished bearing fruit.  Remove any grow bags which you can put in your composter and clean the glass or plastic otherwise it will be filthy come spring!If you use a greenhouse heater, have a check to make sure it is in good working order and ready for use.

Check your peas if growing in a cold frame to make sure they are not too dry or to wet, the same for your broad beans.

If your plot is dry you can carry on digging, it’s a great way to keep warm on a frosty morning!  Be careful the ground isn’t too hard or you may do yourself an injury.

After all of the winds we’ve had this year you should check your shed roof and make sure your felt is in place and the roof is dry inside the shed.  You certainly don’t want to find a rotten roof come springtime when it could have been avoided.

It’s also a good time to check all of your outside structures so that you are ready for the new seasons.

Finally, for those of you that have gooseberries, it’s now time to prune!

Have a great Christmas wherever you are, and I’ll catch up with you in time for Januarys jobs!