Fantastic Gardening News, Tips and Tricks

Fantastic Gardening News, Tips and Tricks

Posted by Norfolk Gardener on 11th Dec 2014

Our friends at The Horticultural Channel have some great guides and information for successful allotment and home gardening.  Keep up to date with current news and events that are of interest to like-minded gardeners and allotmenteers!

Have a browse on their fantastic site if you want some extra advice or some great ideas to help increase your yields, or simply for some inspiration of something different to try growing once the weather brightens up!

They also have a great YouTube Channel with some great guides that you should browse if the foul weather prevents you making it out into your own garden.  Just make a nice cuppa, get the tablet/computer/smart phone out, and educate yourself, and others if you so wish!  

In the latest Hort Channel YouTube video our Major Marvel Greenhouse Heater is used and tested, and they posted it's lasted them for 7 days on 1 tank of paraffin! Much more than our conservative estimate of 2 days!  We're keen to see how it help Seans winter crops over the next few months!  

Have a look here at (3.55):

There's some great conversations on their Facebook page, and a huge amount of experience, so get involved in the discussions!

Get planning for Spring, and make 2015 a fantastic year for your garden and home grown produce!