Building Spacesaver Greenhouses with Dave.

Building Spacesaver Greenhouses with Dave.

Posted by Dennis The Gardener on 17th Mar 2016

Sue and Dave have had a busy February and March and have been very active in the garden preparing for Spring.  Dave has been building some Spacesaver Greenhouses for the patio after deciding they needed some more growing space than the Patio House they previously used had provided.

Firstly Dave prepared the area that he decided would be the perfect site for the Spacesavers.  They decided on a nice little corner of the patio which was close to the house, sheltered from the wind, but receives lots of sun throughout the day.

The next step was to place a couple of wooden planks along the fence panels that the greenhouses could be screwed into, ensuring nothing can be blown over or moved by the wind.  This is a great precaution to make as without any plants in the greenhouse or nothing to anchor it there is a risk of the wind catching.  He then stained them to match the existing fence.

With the site sorted, Dave then arranged all of the parts to unsure he wasn’t missing anything.  Paying extra attention as he had two sets of parts which could easily get mixed up!  The different steel pieces were grouped, the screws were separated, and the plastic trim, roof and side panels were put to one side whilst the frame was constructed.

Piece by piece the instructions were followed and progress was made, and after many cups of tea the frame was together.  The clear as glass panels were attached and the twinwall roof and sides were added, and the sliding door was constructed to finally make it look like a greenhouse!

The last pieces of the puzzle were to add the green trim, a little was trimmed to produce a better fit, and screwed in place.  The door was then added to the runners, the last screws were tightened, and Dave and Sue are all ready for planting!

What I meant to say was, it was time for Dave to finish the second spacesaver.. Then it will be time for planting!

Once both greenhouses were built they were positioned on the patio and screwed onto the previously placed timber struts along the fence to stop any movement.  We think they look great, and will be perfect for growing all sorts of plants and vegetables this spring!