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Helping Hedgehogs In The Garden

Posted by Alix Francis on 22nd Oct 2018

It’s around that time of year when hedgehogs start visiting our gardens looking for food and a good place to hibernate. Evidence shows that hedgehogs are declining in Britain but fortunately we know a few ways of how you can help look after hedgehogs in your garden, after all, hedgehogs are a gardener’s friend as they love to eat snails, slugs and other insects. Make a Hedgehog Home If you have been creating compost piles or collecting fallen leaves from around the garden, it’s more than likely going to attract hedgehogs as they like
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Seed Saving Guide: How To Save Your Seeds

Posted by Alix Francis on 19th Oct 2018

Saving your vegetable seeds at the end of the growing season isn’t new to gardeners, gardeners have been doing this for years, not only to save on costs but to preserve last year’s plants that grow best in your garden and are well adapted to your local growing conditions.It may sound silly having a guide to saving seeds but there is a little more to it than collecting your seeds.Choose The Right Seeds To SaveLook for healthy, vigorous plants that produce a good crop of fruit or vegetables you love to tuck into, or flowers you love to see around the garden.It’s worth keeping in mind that
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uPVC Sunrooms: Why You Should Add One to Your Home

Posted by Alix on 25th Sep 2018

If you’ve been thinking about adding a Sunroom to your home but are unsure about the costs involved and whether a sunroom is right for you, we’ve put together 5 benefits of adding a sunroom to your property.AffordableDepending on what you want from your uPVC Sunroom, choosing this option over a conservatory, is more affordable and less time consuming. uPVC is a popular building material as it is sturdy and requires little to no maintenance, apart from cleaning around the frames, uPVC looks after itself.Using uPVC is a lot more affordable than traditional materials used for Sunrooms and c
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How to Control Disease, Weeds and Pests

Posted by Alix Francis on 3rd Jul 2018

Sometimes it may seem easier to attempt controlling weeds, pests and diseases with pesticides, but most pesticides contain chemicals which damage our environment and often ourselves when we use them.Pesticides may not always be a necessary port of call, there are methods you can learn which can prevent diseases from spreading, weeds from growing and pests from ruining your plants and crops.There are other alternatives to buying pesticides such as being on crop watch and picking the slugs and pests off by hands or you could pull weeds up instead or spraying them with a pesticide.Beer trap
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How to Start a Garden from Scratch

Posted by Alix Francis on 21st Jun 2018

Starting a garden from scratch is quite a challenge to take on but a rewarding challenge none the less. If you have decided to start a vegetable garden from scratch, it will save you money in the long run. It’s a good investment to make.You will need to assess your garden to see what you can do, where gets the most sunlight, what the soil is like and what you are planning on growing.Garden planning starts with the shape of your garden, is it long? Rectangular? Square? Thin? Shallow? Wide?Break Up SpaceTypically, gardens look more spacious when there is as much open space in the middle
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