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How to Make Organic Compost

Posted by Alix Francis on 7th Jan 2019

Having a compost bin or heap in your garden or down the allotment is invaluable, it’s fantastic for improving soil, mulching and as a growing medium.It will improve the structure of your soil and aid nutrient retention. Making a decent compost requires a 50:50 mix of materials which are rich in carbon and nitrogen. Carbon is created from brown materials such as woody stems and cardboard.Nitrogen is created from green materials such as grass clippings.For every bucket of brown material you add to your compost, you will need a bucket of green material too. To encourage your compost to brea
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Winter Gardening Checklist

Posted by Alix Francis on 4th Jan 2019

Not much happens in the garden during January, there are a few seeds which can be sown and grown but it’s definitely one of the quieter months of the year.Starting on key winter gardening jobs will help you have a head start for when the new growing season comes in. Cleaning Garden PotsCheck for damaged and cracks in your garden pots and discard of any which can’t be used in future. Once you’ve got rid of the ones which can’t be reused, brush off the dirt collected from last season and store them away.Mulch Bushes, Shrubs & Spring BulbsSpreading a layer of mulch around the garden will no
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How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree

Posted by Alix Francis on 2nd Jan 2019

It’s estimated that around 6-7 million real Christmas trees are purchased each year in Great Britain and many of those end up in landfills after the festive period comes to an end.Without going into too much detail, this activity from the government costs the tax payer around £100 per 40 trees with each 2-metre tree said to generate around 16 kg of carbon dioxide as it decomposes. That’s £15,000,000 spent on disposing Christmas trees and 96,000,000 kg of carbon dioxide produced from them decomposing in landfills. There are a few other eco-friendly ways we can make use of old Christmas tr
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Carports: The Benefits, Prices & Why You Should Invest

Posted by Alix Francis on 24th Oct 2018

Carports aren’t just for cars, they offer a whole host of benefits to homeowners. Not only do they take further care of your vehicle, they can be used as an alternative to having a garage or extra storage area. Check out these 4 benefits and see if what sizes you could install on your house.Protect Your Car From Harsh ElementsIt’s not just the cold weather that can damage your car, scorching hot sun can cause damage to vehicles too. Paint fading or paint getting damaged by weather conditions are common along with batteries, tires and other problems too. Having a uPVC carport will he
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How to Grow Microgreens In Winter

Posted by Alix Francis on 23rd Oct 2018

Make the most out of the warm winter sun and add a few seed trays by a bright window inside your home to grow microgreens throughout the cooler months.Microgreens and shoots are a quick and easy to grow and are packed full of flavour making them a great way to liven up your winter salad, sandwiches or soups.What are MicrogreensMicrogreens, a buzzword which has been flying around for a few years now that simply means micro leaves, the seedlings of leafy herbs and plants also known as vegetable confetti. Microgreens are a variety of edible greens which can be harvested with scissors less
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