5 Tips for (Newbie) Greenhouses Growers

5 Tips for (Newbie) Greenhouses Growers

Posted by Danny on 4th Mar 2017

The introduction of a greenhouse into veg growing life is often a revelation that brings lots of extra enjoyment. However, like everything in "growing your own", there is a learning curve. Norfolk Greenhouses resident greenhouse expert has put together 5 top tips to help you skip some way along that learning curve.

1. Get a thermometer.

This is probably the most important tip I could give. I’d be lost without mine. Whether I’ve been working out if my peas would germinate over the next week or so, or checking how cold the temperate is before I go to bed, my thermometer has been invaluable. I rarely do anything without consulting the thermometer first. He’s like the boss of the greenhouse.

2. Open the door during the day.

Keep an eye on the temperature. Temperatures in my greenhouse easily reached 30 degrees for consecutive days during April, and this has faded tender lettuce seedlings and brought on other veg that prefer milder conditions far too fast. Opening the door and hatch helps regulate the heat.

3. Slug watch before bedtime.

Oh yes, slugs and snails. Make sure you do a late night check for these horrible slimy critters. I didn’t one evening and lost a number of precious seedlings.

4. Water in the evening.

Just like an outdoor bed, watering in the evening is much better than during the day as the water doesn’t evaporate away. This is especially so in a greenhouse, where the heat is much more intense.

5. Cover plants with fleece during cold nights.

This will keep the temperature 2 or so degrees higher than it would otherwise be, protecting seedlings and sowings from the perils of frost. Bubble wrap makes a cheap or free alternative.