1-2-3 Guide to Planting Early Spuds

1-2-3 Guide to Planting Early Spuds

Posted by Danny on 21st Feb 2017

You can get started plating your early potatoes right about now. Planting this early is not without its risks, with all the unpredictable mild spells some early foliage might be left susceptible to late frosts.

Follow these 3 simple steps to give your spuds a little insulation and plenty of room to grow:

Step 1 - Dig out some shallow trenches.

You need trenches that are around the depth and width of an ordinary spade. Dish the dirt equally either side of the trench to build up little banks. Use your fork over the bottom of the trenches but try not to bring subsoil to the top. Then spread some well rotted compost and fork in.

Step 2 - Set your seed potatoes.

Place seed potatoes at around 12 inch intervals along the trench and cover with around 3 inches of soil from the banks. Repeat until you run out or space or spuds!

Step 3 - Cover you trenches with fleece over the banks

Use a long length horticultural fleece over the banks you have created. You can peg or weigh down the fleece either side of the trench. This will leave a little air pocket under the fleece to keep any little shoots protected from unpredictable frost.