Hearty Roasted Celeriac Soup

Posted by Alix Francis on 18th Jan 2018

Celeriac isn’t the prettiest looking vegetable you will pull from the ground, but it makes a beautiful winter soup. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin B6 & high in fibre, it makes a brilliant choice of vegetable for a tasty, healthy soup.There are plenty of veggies you can throw in from your plot in this recipe but If you’ve not grown any celeriac to use in the soup, nip down to the local supermarket to pick one up.A little about CeleriacCeleriac contains a third of the calories and carbs found in a potato and makes a mean substitute for mashed potato, so if you’re looking to work on
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What to sow & grow in January

Posted by Alix Francis on 10th Jan 2018

The new year brings plenty of opportunities to plan the year ahead and get together ideas of what you want to grow and sow this time round, unfortunately, it’s still too cold to sow many veggies outside but all hope is not gone.Once your Garden and Greenhouse jobs to do in January are completed it’s time to get back out there to get in a harvest for spring time.As you may know, this time of year can be quite difficult to start propagating seedlings as the temperatures are a lot cooler and light levels are low.Most seeds will need to be sown undercover or a heated propagator to h
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Garden & Greenhouse Jobs to do in January

Posted by Alix Francis on 3rd Jan 2018

As we put the chaos of Christmas behind us and bring in the New Year, now’s a great opportunity to get planning for the new growing seasons and get in the garden to get those early January jobs done.Clear away fallen leavesKeep your garden tidy by clearing away leaves which have fallen over the Christmas period. Leaves often start collecting not only across the garden but underneath hedges and bushes too. Remember to check greenhouse guttering to see if any leaves have started to collect there and put them in a leaf bin to rot down over the coming months.Shred your Christmas tree for com
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Preparing your garden for winter

Posted by Alix Francis on 18th Dec 2017

As the cold weather creeps in and frosts begin to set across our gardens, plots and allotments it's important to make sure you're ready for winter. Now is the perfect opportunity to get things in your garden tidied up and ready for the new growing seasons ahead. Looking after your garden during the winter months will help it look it's best come the spring time.Clean and repair garden structures & greenhousesStart off by repairing and carrying out any maintenance that is needed to your garden structure or greenhouse before you clean.Once you have repaired and tidied your garden structure or gre
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Overwatered Plants: The Cure and The Cause

Posted by Alix Francis on 14th Nov 2017

One of the first things you learn when becoming a gardener is that if you don’t water your plants, they will die. However, that being said, it works the other way too, overwatering your plants can also cause them to die early.Overwatering plants is one of the biggest issues seen with plants today, people often tend to water their plants if they aren’t looking too healthy or have begun to wilt or lose leaves, etc. which could be the beginning of a costly mistake. You can easily diagnose whether you are overwatering your plants with these 7 signs;Root RotRoots should have a healthy white
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